This September saw Europe's fastest growing, most interactive and case-study led TMF & Inspection Readiness Conference head to Amsterdam!

Thank you to everyone who joined us this year as we dove into the most pressing challenges around Trial Master Files!

As one of the most heavily regulated industries in the world, the success of clinical research relies heavily on accurate documentation and data management. Collating and maintaining well organised, accurate documentation that is easy to access and inspect is harder than it sounds. Moreover, inaccurate clinical data and critical findings have significant budgetary implications. This puts a lot of pressure on clinical operations teams and TMF owners!

Pharma IQ’s TMF & Inspection Readiness conference is designed to help ease this pressure.

2017 is over, but why should you join us in September 2018?
  • This is the most case-study led clinical documentation conference in the world, featuring brand new case studies year-on-year
  • The agenda features strategic and operational streams - so you choose the content most relevant to you and your team
  • An in-depth focus on inspection readiness - with the Health Sciences Records and Archives Association (HSRAA) running an interactive workshop
  • Features analysis of real life critical findings from the FDA and MHRA
  • Representation from big pharma, small pharma, CROs, regulators and representatives from the reference model working group
  • Interactive discussion groups examining site inspection re-creations

This conference will arm you with the insight you need to perfect your TMF, and achieve constant inspection readiness. If you want to find out exactly what the regulators expect, as well as what others are doing, this is the conference for you.

So join us in 2018 when we re-gather in Amsterdam for 4 days of exclusive case studies, hands-on workshops, interactive panel discssions and in-depth inspection readiness training!

To see what the 2017 delegates got to enjoy, download the 2017 agenda now.

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2017's Expert Speakers and Facilitators Included:

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Top Reasons to Attend:

75% New Speakers Year on Year
Offering our community of delegates brand new insights every year

All New Case Studies and Interactive Discussions: Sponsors and CROs share real experiences with TMFs allowing you to build on existing strategies to ensure continuous improvement.

Inspection Readiness Training Day
In this interactive, expert-led training course by the HSRAA, you will have the opportunity to test your current strategies, acquire tips and tricks from other sponsors and CROs, and identify any gaps in your inspection readiness.

A Streamed Day 1 - Strategic vs. Operational
This year, in order to create value for TMF professionals and Clinical Operational leaders alike, we bring you a streamed agenda, that you can tailor to suit your your particular needs

What Others Have to Say

What to Expect

Interactive Sessions

100% Interactive Agenda

Extensive research has told us that what our delegates value is interaction and knowledge sharing. So rather than give you two days of PowerPoint presentations, we have carefully crafted a unique agenda that allows you to capitalize on the knowledge of your peers, and fosters in depth discussions to formulate solutions to your most pressing challenges.

Reduce Costs and Improve Quality

Our Famous 'Dragon's Lair'

This interactive hour packs both fun and challenge into a targeted learning session where delegates split into teams and conceptualise, research, and create a brand new product to help with their TMF challenges.  Once formed, each team’s idea will be presented to a team of industry expert judges, who will vote on the best idea!

ISO Technical Committee

Fun As Well As Learning

We know that there are only so many hours you can really think about documentaion - which is why our conference always includes a fun night out with your new network too! This year we enjoy a three course meal on a classic boat cruise along the Amstel!

Real Situation Analysis

Live Mock Inspection!

This is just one of the many exciting new interactive sessions that we do that others don’t.

Networking Opportunities

The WIDEST Range of Pharma representatives of any speaker panel!

Big pharma as well as SMEs!

Sponsors & Exhibitors
Media Partners